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I have a highly sensitive nervous system and so I am highly sensitive.

There are some (20%) who have a genetic trait called sensory processing sensitivity (Highly Sensitive Persons/HSPs, named by Dr. Elaine Aron). This means they have an even more highly sensitive nervous system that takes things in a little differently and a little more deeply, which leads to a whole different lifestyle. I am one of those highly sensitive persons. I cannot avoid my sensitivity, even if and when I tried to. Everyone has a nervous system and so everyone is sensitive. Those who are hardier are the majority (80%) and experience or deal with their sensitivity differently. They may have the ability of taking it for granted, but I believe that hurts us all. This is why I am leading the Sensitive Revolution to change the way we all use sensitivity. 

I had loads of mysterious health issues that no one seemed to be able to help me with.

I looked fine on the outside but felt terrible all the time inside. Autoimmune issues seemed to be a common theme and no one I went to helped. Religious advice, doctor’s prescriptions, self-help books, and everyone I went to just didn’t get it. And they also seemed to think I was a pain, like they didn’t want to get what I was saying. I was failing at living and failing at getting help. So I started helping myself. Some of the help was with how I thought, some was with how I responded to myself and my emotions, some was with nutrition and supplementation and how I fed myself, some was with who I interacted with and how and who I stopped interacting with, some was with working in the way I work, some was spiritual, some was with animals, some was about investing in myself, and a lot of it was about playing. And now, I feel better than ever in my life. I also feel a huge difference in my energy. Energy relates to power, influence, control. I understand why so many people do not want to understand their sensitivity, let alone access it on purpose and strengthen it. We live in a culture that is about fixes. We live in a culture that pretends as if we are independent and in total control of our own experience, while simultaneously irrelevant to everyone else. We live in a culture that denies that we affect each other. We don’t seem to like to see our vulnerability. We want everything to have a fix.

I started out trying to fix myself and that led me to birth myself.

I just wanted to do well in that old life. But that led me to evolve and create my own life. I think that birthing oneself is possible for each of us, and probably the answer to a lot of what ails us collectively and individually. I think sensitivity is key to that. Now that I am at home with my sensitivity, the journey continues with what I create that is a result of that space but not necessarily all directly about sensitivity anymore. Those of us who are highly sensitive may feel an intense drive to evolve, a need to create that can actually build up in us and hurt if we do not express it. That drive used to make me think something was wrong with me. The fact that I could not be satisfied with or physically healthy in the world living in the ways that others seemed to be ok with made me think it was a problem. But, now I see that learning to direct and engage that energy, and all the energy I encounter, with this highly sensitive body has allowed me to move beyond words. I live in a way in which I feel participatory with all of life. I don’t get used by it anymore. I also don’t spend all my time analyzing in order to get by. I really live now. In my body. In my life. In each moment. I truly know that I belong. It is a physical experience that is self-evident, not something I tell myself.

I feel like I am a power source, rather than a battery that just gets used up and has to be recharged.

Now I know that I am creative. Literally. My being is creative. My kidneys are energy generators. And I like creating things. So, I do. I understand that when I show up, that’s how we connect on purpose. For we are already connected, I am here and you are here. We are here together. So when we offer each other something, share ourselves, reveal what’s inside by choice, then we get to engage each other. We each have a lot to offer and a lot to receive. We are what we each need. Being healthy doesn’t mean much without a reason. I like to create reasons to connect. I share what I have created here as it happens.

I have found that sensitivity is a pretty misunderstood thing. 

It’s taken me a while to figure out how to explain it. And I am still learning how to strengthen it culturally and personally, though I have found some really useful strategies that I apply to myself and with others to make a world of difference in how every day feels. I believe I will probably be working on strengthening it for the rest of my life. I am always learning more and experiencing more. Every step I have taken has brought more possibility to life and I hope it helps to change this world structurally and at every level. Most of the strategies I have found have been around a while, and even known about. Many of them are pretty straight forward to apply, they just are not openly encouraged or directed in a systematic way. Some of them have changed my life immensely, though very simple to apply. I’ve used nutrition, Western and Eastern medicine, functional medicine, hypnosis, marketing, programming, business development, marriage and family therapy, right and left brain studies, neuroscience, genetic research, human development, almost every model of therapy and change and emotional regulation, countless theories and books, psychedelics, altered states, plant medicine, shamanism, chakras, spontaneous energetic emergence, evolution, spiritual practice, structural therapy, body work, movement, kundalini yoga, and a million more things to come to the place I have. And I am really glad to be here. I have learned that with the creative process nothing moves in a straight line. So I know that all I have done has gotten me here to creating things I feel really proud of having made. I found that with each piece I discovered, I felt really sad that no one had encouraged me to find it for myself. So I try to make known some of these things and talk about them in a way that is really practical, in case they may be of use to you or someone you know. Finding things that work for you in a world of things that seem to be against you is literally life-changing. I talk about my personal perspective here as it seems relevant to share. 

I listen deeply. I get deep impressions. I translate those impressions into the art of design. I go beyond words.

I am an observer, a facilitator, a designer, a therapist, an artist, a writer, an entrepreneur, a lover, a dancer, and most of all…I am me. The work I do now is entirely based on what I want to do. I don’t always do one specific thing. I am the center of my life and I work on specific projects with specific people who come into my life. Each connection and intention is specific, not generic. I do not do generic work. Any client I work with, project I collaborate on, or product I create comes from specificity and personal connection. I do therapeutic 1-1 work, I do groups, I do retreats, I work with horses, I design, I coach, I help people start and strengthen businesses, I start businesses, I ride bikes, I live in Salt Lake City in Utah, I travel, I do project management and production, I write, I speak, I teach. I do things that change the way we use sensitivity. I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified Medical Support Hypnotherapist. I am gluten-free and specialize in nutrition for mental and emotional health. I use essential oils and nutritional supplements. I legally use peyote. I don’t expect that all that I do will apply to everyone else. But, I do bring all of me into the room when working together to engage all of you. I do not offer a prescription or common formula. I offer my experience and my presence to engage with your experience and your presence to see where we may go together. I am always my own guinea pig. Any thing that I come across that seems useful, relevant, or meaningful to changing the way we use sensitivity is something I will try out for myself. If you feel like you would like to work with me, create with me, collaborate in some way on anything then please contact me here.

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I am an intermediary. I work directly with intent at the source and I transmit it to you.

I work with the energy of movement and life as an engineer, designing the best strategies to connect you with your access to power. I want to connect you with intent. It is structural, relational. I am me with you, we work together.

I provide person-centered sessions that put words to things you didn’t know you were looking for, and satisfy needs you didn’t know you had, to go beyond what you could expect as you deal with the unknown elements of your life. I work with highly sensitive people, entrepreneurs, multipotentialites/scanners, artists, healers, those with autoimmune and chronic health issues, and those who have left religious practices. I use modalities with a focus on strengthening systems rather than suppressing symptoms. I often work with people who have tried many things and still do not know what works. I work with unique, personal issues related to identity. I work with what you don’t know, and often can’t know. Literally. 

I use a whole person approach to support all systems of the body.

Issues of sensitivity can impact those who are dealing with changing their programming and understanding identity. Shifting attachments can feel like your world is falling apart because, in a way, it is. Individuals in deep transition who may not match the environment they grew up in need special support to realign their identity in a way that meets their needs more directly. We all need a space to transition, to be messy, and to be supported. Our planet needs it.

I create therapeutic art through designing personal structures that unconsciously acknowledge that you belong here as you, specifically you. With me.

I do the work. You show up.

This. Is. Me.