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This is a children’s book for adult children about being a subtle giant and not knowing it. It is a true story metaphor of my life that I wrote as someone who is highly sensitive and how I came to find my home. It was watercolor illustrated by Gibson Rose and made into a video by Christina Salerno with music by Bret Hanson and read by me that you can watch here. Part of the project is to encourage others to share their own true story metaphors, which you can see on the blog.


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This is a teaser for a short documentary about the work I do with natural horsemanship that relates to Sensitive Leadership and the True Horsemanship work of Ash Wakeman. I produced the film and Lillian Medville shot, directed, and edited it. The principles of natural behaviorism with horses are applied more specifically to the ways we train ourselves to respond to ourselves. It was shot at my family’s ranch in the mountains of New Mexico and follows the experience of Laura Wood, co-founder of a birth hypnosis program (Blissborn), as she understands and strengthens her own sense of leadership.

This work with horses is the most practical, potent, and immediate experience of Sensitive Leadership principles that I have found.

If you would like to start working now with your self on this, check out this Sensitive Beast Practice.

If you would like to see the entire film and/or participate in a Sensitive Beast Retreat, email info@sensitiveleadership.com.

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This is a website I made dedicated to leading your life with sensitivity as a genetically highly sensitive person. It is meant to be a hub to access and engage various resources and support that will encourage more strength in sensitivity in you and in the world through Sensitive Leaders showing up. It includes Elements of Sensitivity Cards that I designed and teach about, Sensitive Sunday Live which is a show teaching about how to live as a highly sensitive person, The Highly Sensitive Hierarchy of Needs which is the committee inside you that you have to work with in order to make decisions and lead your life rather than letting an external hierarchy run you, Sensitive TOO which is an online community changing the conversation from “you’re TOO sensitive!” to “I’m sensitive TOO!” in the 2nd dimension, Sensitive FOR which are in person events to see what your sensitive self is for in the 4th dimension, Sensitive Shop with product recommendations for sensitive bodies, Sensitive Pros with interviews and information on services for sensitive needs from all kinds of Sensitive Professionals, Sensitive FREE with free workshops and details on offerings to strengthen your sensitivity, and Sensitive ONE which is a way to meet up and share with local Sensitive Leaders.

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